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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all your vendors accept the same methods of payment?

Cash is the most convenient method for navigating the market, as many vendors are strictly cash. Some vendors also accept electronic payments as well as debit and credit cards. For your convenience, the market manager can provide cash-back for customers at the manager's booth. Looking for a gift? E-Gift cards are now available for purchase!

What time are customers allowed to enter the market?

Due to insurance regulations, the Sonoma Valley Certified Farmers Market (SVCFM) does not allow customers within the market until 9 am.

Does the farmers market accept EBT, WIC, or offer any other Benefits?

The Sonoma Valley Certified Farmers Market is proud to accept EBT, We now offer a 100% market match thanks to our sponsors The Olive Oil Factory. For more information about our sponsors, click here.

We are a WIC certified market, which means that certain vendors can choose to accept WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) vouchers as form of payment. It is up to each vendor who chooses to participate in the WIC program. We Currently have 4 WIC certified Vendors:

- The Patch

-Hector's Honey

- Rojas Farm

- Ortiz Family Farm

Each participating vendor is accountable for their own record keeping and reporting of the WIC vouchers they receive. 

What restrictions apply?

The farmers market must comply with all of the rules and regulations set forth by the County Agricultural Department, the Health Department, and the CA USDA. Artisan (or craft) products must be made locally—no re-sale items. The State of California regulations state that certified farmers have priority for a place in the market.  

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